WATCH: Pelosi Goes FULL CRINGE; “We Don’t Say Open Sesame, We say OPEN BIDEN!”

People are asking too many questions about Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi and her team have to work really hard to protect Biden. He is allowed to speak for short periods and they keep him in controlled environments.

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Biden’s mental health has seen a serious decline. It’s almost impossible to ignore his blank stares at the camera. Biden is not the only creepy guy out there. Pelosi may be worse.

On Wednesday, Pelosi raised eyebrows with her awkward story.

Pelosi said, her grandchildren loved playing with Biden so much that they replaced “Open Sesame” with “Open Biden.”

The office released an official transcript of Pelosi’s remarks on Biden.

“I’ve seen President Biden working behind the scenes, hammering out solutions for the American people. He is a leader with the humility to seek expertise and science and the confidence to act upon it,” said Pelosi.

“My husband, Paul always says, ‘I just wonder how long into a speech it will be before Nancy starts talking about her grandchildren.’ Our grandchildren, my grandchildren, have for many, many years, been longtime friends of Joe Biden. They have a range in age, but all of them love Joe Biden. But let me tell you one story,”

“I think was like 2013, four and five year old, two of mine, Paul and Thomas. We were at an event, the DCCC in New York, and Joe Biden was the keynote speaker. They were so excited to see him because they’d heard so much about him from their cousins.

And they met him they talked about pets and things like that. And afterward, after the luncheon was over, I took them got candy. Don’t tell their mom. I took them for candy at a place, Dylan’s in New York, where they have sort of like swinging doors.

You have to get through the doors from one part of the store to the next. So, here they are, the place is packed and jammed. Kids are making all this noise over there on the side. And all of a sudden, I hear them pronounce, ‘In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame, we say “Open Biden.” That’s our magic word.’”

“Open Biden? I love it,” said a beaming Pelosi who was clearly very satisfied with herself.

Pelosi acts crazy every time she talks about Biden.

In 2019, she shared an awkward anecdote to defend the man after Tara Reid accused him of sexual assault.

There’s something off about the entire situation between Biden and Pelosi. She is trying to defend him, but she failed to defend him. Again. Moreover, she made things worse for everyone.

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