WATCH: Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole – Experimental COVID-19 Jabs Are A “Poisonous Attack On Our Population”

It’s time to trust science… REAL science

Far-left warriors want us to listen to what their “preachers” say. They want us to follow the guidelines created by so-called Dr. Fraudci. They want us to bite into their fake news.

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Maybe we will do what they wants us to do. We will listen to doctors. REAL doctors. This one has something to say about experimental vaccines. Yes, the same vaccines liberals want you to receive. Why would you receive an unapproved jab?

This doctor knows the truth. He knows a few things about jabs.

Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D. is a board certified anatomic pathologist. He was invited to the White Coat Summit hosted by America’s Frontline Doctors.

Here’s his presentation and it’s focused on experimental COVID-19 jabs and their impact.

Watch the video on Rumble.

We have more videos from Dr. Cole explaining the real effect of unapproved vaccines. He wants us to know more about your natural immune system.

We bet liberals won’t take this advice. They trust their own science and follow the recommendations of their fake doctor. Fauci wants us to stay home and away from our friends and family. But he doesn’t even said a word about Barack Obama’s birthday party and other superspreader events.

Double masks? Social distance? Deadly vaccines? There’s so much going on in this country. Fake news, conspiracy theories, profit, Swamp monsters, power. Joe Biden stole the elections just to help elitists. Some people wake up in the morning and come up with the perfect money-grab plan. The plannedemic is the best tool at the moment and they use it to control the world. What’s next on the list? Another virus? A deadly variant? We can think of so many scenarios now… It’s up to you to make the right choice. You have the final word this time. Will you let them make fun of you?

Here’s what Dr. Cole has to say:

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