WATCH: Newsmax Reporter Emerald Robinson Asks White House Secretary How The CDC Tests For Delta Variant And Her Answer Is PATHETIC

Emerald Robinson with props on this!

She revealed Biden Admin’s fear-spreading campaign over the delta variant, and she did it with only one question!

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‘’How does the CDC test for and recognize a Delta variant case?’’

If it was so dangerous, then the WH Principal Deputy Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre should be able to answer without any difficulties.

However, it wasn’t as they planned!

See below:

“Because the experts say so.” – very correct!

The CDC is the creator of the show and caused the COVID-19 hysteria!

The Biden administration told us that following the orders from the corrupt, political, and greedy bureaucracy in medicine is the perfect answer!

Besides everything, the vaccinated people can still spread and contract the deadly delta variant! But, the Biden administration still forces Americans to get the vaccine.

Emerald Robinson cut everything on Twitter:

Mediate covered this story:

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was baffled during Friday’s White House press briefing by a question from Newsmax over testing for the Delta strain of the coronavirus.

“Karine, how do you test that is the Delta variant, that Covid is the Delta variant,” shouted Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson amid technical difficulties with the sound of the weekly “Fun Friday Zoom,” where a reporter asks the White House briefer by video.

A puzzled Jean-Pierre replied, “I don’t understand the question.”

Robinson sought to clarify, “How do you test when that is the dominant strain in the area when people just test whether they’re Covid positive.”

“We don’t test it,” responded Jean-Pierre. “We listen to public health and scientists and they tell us that is the Delta variant.”

Robinson tried to elaborate on her question by asking how coronavirus testing can specifically detect the Delta variant in that testing had been for detecting whether someone has the original strain.

Jean-Pierre said that she “laid out” how contagious the Delta variant is – only to be interjected by Robinson, who said, “A lot of the answers we get is because they say so without a lot of …,” with Jean-Pierre interjecting, “These are scientists. These are experts.”

Robinson interrupted but Jean-Pierre said, “Hold on one second … hold on one second. I just said that [CDC Director] Dr. [RochelleWalensky said just recently in her 20-year career she had never seen a variant that was so contagious. So this is 20 years of her career. So this is absolutely, absolutely a major, major problem that we are trying to deal with.”

I think Psaki was supposed to enter with cookies and song to save the Biden Administration from drowning.

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