WATCH: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Says Orgies Of Up To 25 People Are Now Allowed In Updated COVID-19 Restrictions

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shocked the world

Ardern went on national television to talk about latest coronavirus restrictions. Seven Sharp hosts Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells were a bit … Shocked? Ardern talked about New Zealand’s “traffic light system” to explain what freedoms are available.

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The traffic light system classifies freedoms for vaccinated citizens and has red, orange, and green zones.

Arden went on confirming that “tinder liaisons” are reopened for red zones. Up to 25 people.

So, people in New Zealand are allowed to conduct orgies for up to 25 people.

Zero Hedge added:

For instance, in Auckland, a major port city in the north of the country’s North Island, lined with superyachts, the metro area is currently classified as a “red” district — meaning Kiwis can engage in everyday essential activities.

Ardern explained on national television, “I can confirm that Tinder liaisons have reopened,” adding, “it’s not strictly embedded in the traffic light system but um, it is a given, up to 25 actually, in a red area.”

So, to clarify, even in a red zone where COVID measures are very restricting (as outlined below), orgies of up to 25 people appear to be legal.

New Zealand churches get $15,000 fines for defying coronavirus mandates, and Ardern took her time to approve orgies.

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