WATCH: New York Man Defies Mask Mandate; Shuts Down Police Officer With Non-Aggressive Disobedience

This Monday, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul mandated the masks for New Yorkers.

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We all know that the masks are useless in the war against the virus spread; besides, they harm the organism. Still, the governor decided to continue the C-19 theatre.

Hochul said that any indoor business that didn’t implement the vaccine mandate would have to implement the mask mandate.

A couple of NY counties stated that they didn’t want to participate in this play and won’t enforce the stupid mask mandate.

Gov. Hochul said her admin wouldn’t seek to force counties to abide by her mask mandate.

Check this out.

The government clearly announced that she doesn’t have the power to enforce an illegal mandate.

The Epoch Times reported:

New York’s governor said Monday that her administration will not seek to compel counties to comply with her new mask mandate, which took effect on Dec. 13.

“I do hope that the businesses will enforce this, and individuals will understand how important it is,” Gov. Kathy Hochul told reporters at a briefing in New York City.

“We have left it to the counties to enforce, so counties can choose not to enforce. But we hope counties are enforcing,” she added later.

Hochul, a Democrat who replaced Andrew Cuomo when he resigned earlier this year, on Friday announced that masks would be required in all indoor public places unless the entities imposed vaccine mandates.

The measure started Dec. 13 and runs until Jan. 15, 2022.

Some counties shared that they won’t enforce the mandate, and Hochul won’t compel the rebellious local governments. This means that enforcement rests on the businesses.

This is a mandate, not a law!

Do you know the suitable answer for the counties that want to enforce this mask mandate?

Watch how this New Yorker refuses to budge when a police officer confronts him.

This is the most suitable answer! He is non-aggressive, firm, and refuses to step out of his comfort zone! He won’t do something he doesn’t want to.

There’s a quick way to shut down policy enforces that stops you for walking around with a free face. reported:

Reasonable accommodations: Public accommodations have an ongoing duty to provide people with accommodations for disabilities, including those related to COVID-19, unless doing so poses an undue hardship or would create a direct threat to health or safety that cannot be adequately mitigated by a reasonable accommodation. This obligation extends to all disabilities, including those directly related to COVID-19 and underlying conditions for which exposure to COVID-19 may pose a particular risk of complication, which the NYC Department of Health has identified here.

Public accommodations that choose to implement policies requiring customers to wear face coverings or show proof of vaccination before entering must still make reasonable accommodations for customers who are unable to comply because of a disability, including a pregnancy-related disability, unless doing so would pose an undue hardship or a direct threat. Examples of reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Allowing customers to order by phone and do a no-contact pickup of purchases as an alternative to shopping inside.
  • Allowing customers who are unable to stand in line for extended periods because of a disability to enter the store without waiting in the same line as other customers, or to shop during hours reserved for vulnerable populations.
  • Allowing customers with disabilities who rely on the assistance of another person to enter the store with a companion, despite a general business policy restricting access to one person at a time.
  • Allowing entrance to customers with disabilities who are unable to medically tolerate wearing a face covering, despite general policies requiring face coverings for all customers.
  • Allowing customers who are unable to show proof of vaccination because of a disability, including a pregnancy-related disability, to enter the premises while taking other safety-related measures, such as wearing a face covering and ensuring social distancing (note that this example does not apply to entities covered by the Key to NYC Executive Order, discussed below).

When faced with a request for a reasonable accommodation for a disability, stores should limit their questions to understanding the type of accommodation that would address the customer’s disability-related need. Invasive inquiries about the nature of a person’s disability or demands for proof are prohibited.

The establishment can’t discriminate against people who can’t medically tolerate the masks.

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