WATCH: McCarthy Shared The Secret About Nancy Pelosi

Is this the end of Pelosi’s career?

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I think this would be the end of Pelosi’s career.

The Dems and the liberals will never confess this, but the writings are on the wall, and it’s RED.

The massive defeats in Virginia and NJ, the polls that show how Dems are losing, guarantee their defeat in the 2022 midterm election.

After 2022, it would be the time of Republicans reigning.

Until today, the polls claim that the GOP has 10 points lead over the democrats, and the midterms are one year away from us.

You know that the Democrats won’t talk about the elections because they are aware of the outcome. The Biden administration knows how bad this situation is.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, is trying to save herself from this situation.

She is 50 years in politics, and now she’s asking for her retirement.



However, Pelosi hasn’t announced her retirement publicly and officially, but McCarthy’s statement told precisely that. The midterm’s predictions aren’t bright for the Dems.

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