[WATCH] Liberal BBC Astounded When Black American Policeman Calls Biden “Idiot”

The video is from when Derek Chauvin was convicted, but what is interesting is how the BBC network was taken aback when one black ex-US police called Biden an idiot and fool on live TV.

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It’s worth watching.

Brandon Tatum is a black ex-officer, and he let it fly without PC and SJW filter, and we can classify it as a raw and genuine moment.

The former Tucson Police Department officer criticized the ruling, the net, and Biden, shared Bizpacreview.

Everyone who knows Brandon Tatum and his past, then it was easy to predict this, but the reporter who interviewed him didn’t! He thought he had one pro-Biden guest, but it wasn’t that way.

He made it evident that he won’t accept the story peddled by the BBC and other media sources from UK and US.
He talked about Chauvin’s case, and then he started talking about Biden, showing how most of us feel.

Below you can read what he said.

“The president of the United States came out and tried to propagate racism in a minor police incident for which the officer was convicted.”

“So you deny President Biden’s words about systemic racism being a stain on the entire nation?” the BBC anchor questioned.

The host was unprepared, so it came as a shock to him!

”President Biden, in my opinion, is an idiot who is just speaking because he is a politician. Joe Biden, for example, spoke at a Ku Klux Klan member’s funeral and delivered Robert Byrd’s eulogy,” Tatum added.

He went on to argue that if Democrats want to play the “white supremacy” game, they must first admit that Biden “defines white supremacy and racism.”

“He should resign as president because he is a living example of that very thing. These people are simply speaking their minds and are not being truthful. In our country, we don’t have an issue with racism,” Tatum stated.

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