WATCH: Left Oriented “Whole Foods” Never Expected Something Like This To Happen Inside

COVID-19 worshiping liberals don’t know how to be human beings!

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Whole Wood is the most insufferable place ever!

Maybe the political lines are blurred, but once the liberals lost their minds over President Trump, the battle lines became crystal clear.

But now, they are politicizing everything.

However, nothing is more politicized than this PLANDEMIC!

For more than four years, the liberals were searching for a way to bring Trump down. Now, according to them, this pandemic is their silver bullet. That’s their tactic: to look like they are obsessed with it.

Even though they are vaccinated, they refuse to take off the masks. Also, the liberals got angry at the people who don’t want to wear masks.

You can see how pathetic they are compared to the conservatives, masks-free, people at their meeting at ‘’Whole Food.’’

They are COVID-worshipers who have forgotten their essential human habits.

Take a look at the video below:

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