Watch: Kamala’s Awkward Squirming Raises Eyebrows During Bizarre Vaccine Speech

Harris is ready to crawl out of her skin.

We can confess that she’s a weirdo. Her behavior is very bizarre, and this clip proves it where she’s acting like a snake and talking about the vaccine.

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Body language experts would confirm that Kamala acts very uncomfortable while discussing the Bible. Does she struggle with self-appointed exorcism?

Have you noticed her bizarre delivery?

She was attempting to convince Americans to receive the vaccine and used religion as a reason!

Kamala, you’re weirdo, look demonic and sound phony!

Take a look at the video below:

Below you can read the comments:

“Um, this is weird.” 

“What’s creepier this clip or the vaccine?”

“She looks like she’s the bride of Satan.” 

“Why is she moving around all weirdish?” 

Americans will never accept this, and they will hate Harris even more!

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