WATCH: Joe Rogan Should Never Have Apologized

They went after Joe Rogan

Destroying Rogan’s reputation seemed like a good option for some people. You all know who they are. They like to attack him each and every time he takes the stage. Their latest effort painted him as a racist. His words were taken out of context. Liberals will soon regret every comment they made.

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Why did Rogan apologize? He didn’t do anything. He is not a racist.

Steven Crowder had an expected reaction to Rogan’s apology.

“They don’t think that Joe Rogan is a racist because you know who wouldn’t be upset by this: an actual racist. […] They use this against people who they know are not racist so that they have to defend themselves as not racist.”

Liberals will never apologize for their attitude. They are fine with their nonsense. Why did they make Rogan apologize?

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Source: Louder With Crowder

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