Watch: Joe Drops A “Truth Bomb” On Jill In This Hilarious Parody Video

Jill Biden is not a doctor

Well, our First Lady acts like she is one. We aren’t really shocked though. We all know what happened during the 2020 primary. Remember Whoopi Goldberg? The genius from “The View.” Goldberg wanted Jill to be the next surgeon general. Oh, yes, she claims Jill is a really good doctor.

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That’s wrong on so many levels. Jill has a doctorate in some kind of education and wants to be called “Dr. Jill.”

Oh yes, she also brags about her doctorate. What a silly woman!

Enter Joe Biden. Yes, Dementia Joe. The poor man wants to be our President but we all know that he can’t even make a sentence on his own. Creepy Joe shocked the entire nation at the very same moment he leaned into the microphone to whisper like a clown in a horror movie. This happened during a press event about the infrastructure bill.

One Trump supporter did something great with these two incidents and made the perfect parody.

We bet you will love this one.

Jill and Joe give people enough material to mock them. Mocking these two is not that hard.

“Dr. Jill” and Dementia Joe. What a couple!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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