WATCH: Inside The RUINS Of The ABANDONED Lincoln Project Headquarters

It’s still here…

The Lincoln Project may be in a vulnerable position, but it’s still here. Co-founder John Weaver was hit with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct earlier this year. The entire group faces serious backlash. They really didn’t need the negative PR.

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Guess what… The MSM ignores the scandal. Members of The Lincoln Project are still active. We have seen them “do their business” months after the scandal broke.

Latest reports suggest that The Lincoln Project headquarters have been abandoned. Several sources have videos of the situation inside the buildings.

The Washington Free Beacon has more details:

The Lincoln Project, a Democratic-aligned super PAC widely loathed for enabling the sexual exploitation of young men, has abandoned its once-celebrated headquarters in Park City, Utah.

Visual evidence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon confirms that the office space is now empty, save for the memories its former inhabitants made along the way and whatever ghastly demons they may have conjured in the process.

The abandoned headquarters, located in suite 310 at 1910 Prospector Avenue in the luxury ski resort town, was featured in a 60 Minutes segment on the Lincoln Project’s largely unsuccessful campaign to defeat incumbent Republicans in the 2020 election.

A lot of people took to Twitter to blast the Lincoln Project. Here are some of the most recent posts:

Fox News reported this:

Anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project has hemorrhaged support in recent weeks after more than 20 men accused its co-founder John Weaver of sexual harassment in January.

While some on the left have praised its leaders for a principled stand against their former party, liberals and conservatives alike have criticized the group over its tactics and motives. Some, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., have labeled it a scam PAC due to its funneling of liberal donor money to vendors controlled by the group’s founders and an overall lack of return on investment.

Its primary co-founders are lawyer George Conway, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, political strategist Rick Wilson and Weaver, a political consultant who worked on the late John McCain’s presidential campaigns. Now Conway, Schmidt and Wilson are facing questions about what they knew about Weaver’s behavior and when.

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