WATCH: HORRIFYING – Man Punches Woman On Train In Front Of Children – Bystanders Film And DO NOTHING

What happened on that train?

Crime rates go up in New York City and the latest story says it all. According to a Tik-Tok video, a man punched a woman in the face. Wonder why? She told him to take a “chill pill.” Well, he crossed the red line and many would agree that he belongs to prison.

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The man boarded a packed train and was telling everyone to “get the f*** out of him and his kids’ way.”

One of the women told him take a chill pill, and he attacked her. “Say it again,” he said.

The man, twice the woman’s size, punched her in the face at the very same moment she said “chill pill.” He attacked the lady in front of his kids. Great role model, huh?

Here’s what he said:

I’m tired of you in my black business. You understand? Mind your business. Mind your business. It ain’t about being a role model. It’s about getting my f*cking respect from people like you and all these other races out here. Mind your business!

I’m ready to f*ck anything up that’s in my business!

Im a f*cking suspect! You understand? Sus-pect, I do sh*t out here.

Mind your business!

And when my family on the train move out the way!

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers shared the video to her Twitter account.

Todd Starnes replied, “Not a single man on that train came to the woman’s defense after she was punched by that animal. #cowards

No one stopped this psycho…

Last week, reports revealed that an illegal immigrant raped a woman on a train in Philadelphia. Bystanders didn’t do a thing to stop him. Some of them even filmed the assault.

Will Joe Biden do anything to stop these beasts?

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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