WATCH: Horrific Child Injuries From Experimental COVID-19 Injections Include Permanent Blindness & Deafness

They are destroying the future of our children

First, they forced us to stay home and shut down our businesses. As if this wasn’t enough, they “created” a deadly jab that caused serious side effects in millions of people. Oh, wait, there’s more.

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Now they want to destroy our kids.

These people will use their sick propaganda to force your kids to receive the vaccine.

Public schools are the first on their list. Instead of protecting kids, principals will try to bypass parental consent.

Los Angeles was the first big city to mandate experimental vaccine for kids over 12.

Parents are disgusted.

In New York City, locals can see pop-up vaccination vans around middle and high schools.

NYC Department of Education employee issued a serious warning.

They discussed the plan during a NYC City Council Meeting. Kids will be forced to take the jab.

Unfortunately, they won’t wait for too long before forcing kids under 11 to get their deadly jab.

The final result will be terrifying.

Dozens of kids ended up dealing with permanent blindness or deafness.

The first VAERS reports came on September 5. This report will lead to the inevitable. However, medical fascists won’t give up without a fight. They really want to vaccinate your kids.

Watch the report from the Stew Peters Show safely on Rumble.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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