WATCH: Highlights From Ron Johnson COVID-19 ‘Second Opinion’ Panel; Cancers & Miscarriages Up 300% And Neurological Issues Up 1,000%

This Monday, Senator Ron Johnson held another panel discussion where he included world-renowned doctors and medical experts.

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The panelist shared information that would shock the Americas by the US Government’s handling of the Pandemic.

We will share with you many clips from different speakers and their discussions.

Attorney Thomas Renz discussed the alarming statistics since the C-19 vaccine rollout:

Next, Nurse Nicole Sirotel talked about medical malpractice across New York City.

Dr. Peter McCullough discussed the ramification of myocarditis.

Nurse Jennifer Bridges talked about her experience before his termination:

Paul Alexander elaborated on the problem of the C-19 vaccine’s inability to stop the virus transmission.

Dr. Harvey Risch discussed the UK data showing the immune system damages after the vaccination!

Dr. Aaron Kheriarty explained why the doctors don’t write medical exemptions for masks and vaccines:

Dr. Ryan Cole spoke about the Pandemic of the unvaccinated lie!

Dr. Mary Bowden talked about the hospital protocols:

Dr. Pierre Kory elaborated on Ivermectin.

Dr. Paul Marik talked about the use of remdesivir in hospital protocols for C-19.

Here is the full C-19: Second Opinion Panel.

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