Watch: Here’s The Clip Biden Hopes You Forgot About…Where He Trashes Cops And Calls To Defund Them…

Americans will always remember this

Democrats are still trying to grab even more power. Well, we have noticed something awkward. Crime soars in cities led by Democrats. Joe Biden ignores this. Nancy Pelosi ignores this.

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The situation is pretty serious and it’s time to ring the alarm. Things can easily get out of control. We are fed up… Americans are fed up.

Watch this video:

We saw this coming.

Biden was well aware of this and he kept doing his thing.

Democrats are all-in when it comes to creating chaos and anarchy. They want to defund the police and give criminals even more power. Oh, yes, Pelosi’s friends demonize the police.

Enter the Black Lives Matter. The Marxist organization supports hoodlums and confront our law enforcement in pretty much every occasion. That’s how they do things.

Democrats will stick to their theme. They don’t even think of the soaring crime in their cities.

Here’s what the police chief in Oakland, California, said.

Democrats have been pushing their “Defund the Police” for months. Here are the results. Dems are saying that Republicans really want to “defund the police.” That’s horrible…

This is wrong on so many levels. Democrats play dirty and we know that.

The police is funded with state funds. Liberals are trying to cut the funding. They want to “solve” this problem by taking federal money and sending them to the police to grab more political points. Zero sense, right? Republicans would never support this.

Joe told America that he and his guys are the “Party of the Police.” He says that Republicans hate the police. Well, we know that Democrats wanted to defund it. Republicans are 100% sure about this.

Watch this video of Biden. The man is filled with contradictions.

This is a video from Biden’s campaign. He is sitting in his basement discussing how cops are the “enemy.” Our “dear” President believes that they should cut their funding.

Well, he doesn’t sound like someone who supports the police. He doesn’t respect cops. He wants them to lose their jobs.

This video is the only truth about Biden. We are fed up with the soaring crime in Democrat-led cities.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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