WATCH: Full Video And Recap Of President Trump’s Ohio MAGA Rally!

I know that we call Save America Rallies, not MAGA Rallies, but here, we’re old school and what we saw last night was a MAGA RALLY!

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If you have seen it, we’ve got the highlights from the fantastic rally in Ohio. Also, we have the entire event video, in case you couldn’t watch it yesterday!

The best thing of all was bringing back the Snake poem for Ilhan Omar and her friends in the Squad!

The Snake is the symbol for The Squad.

Take a look below:

Have you noticed that Trump is somehow younger?


Here we’ve got more.


President Trump calls out the Election fraud:


I love it!

And now, we will share with you the recording of the whole event if you missed it!

It is eight hours long!

Nevertheless, if you want to watch the main parts, you can jump to 6:41:00, then Trump starts speaking!

However, if YouTube takes this video down, we have a Rumble backup. President Trump joined this platform yesterday, and he already has 200,000 followers.

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