[WATCH] Fr. William Kosco On Absolute Tirade Slammed Biden Because Of His “Fake Catholic Faith”!!!

For last, we found the priest who can say the truth precisely for Biden and all those fake Catholics.

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Fr. William Kosko of Buckeye, Arizona, went on an absolute tirade and said everything he had into Biden’s face regarding his fake Catholic fate.

Biden’s main reason for criticism from the father William was his support for abortion, gay marriage, and transgender people, which the Church doesn’t support.

But, this wasn’t the end of the critics. Fr. William called out for all the cowardly bishops that allow these kinds of beliefs, like Biden’s, to run rampant through the Catholic Church.

The most significant point during the entire speech, father William reaches with the comparison between Joe Biden and Mitt Romney.

If Mitt Romney were at the bar drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes, the LDS Church would stop contacting him. They would immediately condemn him.

There is one question that I cannot find the answer to. Why Biden gets a pass from every trouble he is in, even from the Catholic Church’s problem?

Unfortunately, the new status quo was introduced by the worthless bishops and Pope Francis. The Pope is the biggest Biden’s ally.

From NPR report.

In the November election, just over half of American Catholics voted against Biden, in great part because of his support for laws such as those guaranteeing abortion rights that run contrary to Church doctrine.

Nevertheless, the new president has a friend — and potential ally — at the Vatican.

On Inauguration Day, Pope Francis sent Biden a warm note saying, “Grave crises facing our human family call for farsighted and united responses.”

Relations between Pope Francis and Trump were at best chilly. When Trump was still a candidate in 2016, Pope Francis suggested he was “not a Christian” for his campaign vow to deport more immigrants. And build a wall along the border with Mexico. A year later, the pope wondered how Trump could claim to be “pro-life” while ordering policies that broke up the families of immigrants and asylum seekers.

Biden’s election was welcomed by the Vatican — but without mention of his support for abortion rights. Says Villanova University theology professor Massimo Faggioli.

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