Watch: Everyone’s Noticing One Very Disturbing Detail About Horrific Video From Kabul Airport

Disturbing reality

Afghans are having the worst nightmare in their lives. People are so desperate that they even tie themselves to aircrafts taking off Kabul. The Taliban took over the city and Afghans would do whatever it takes to leave the country.

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We’d all agree that the images from the Kabul airport are pretty disturbing. Tehran Times shared graphic videos showing two people falling from an aircraft. Hundreds of people tried to board evacuation planes filled with US staff.

This is what a mass chaos looks like. Hundreds of young man claw and climb over one another to leave Afghanistan. It’s like a scene from a horror movie. Panic, tears, chaos…

This leads us to one question…

What about the women and kids? Where are their women and children? Where is the future of Afghanistan? A lot of people noticed this “tiny” detail. Why did these men leave their families behind?

This is pretty common in “refugees” of all nationalities.

Young “military-age” men flee countries. Where are their women, mothers… Kids?

Check out this disturbing video. No women and kids, right?

Well, innocent kids would definitely be trampled to death on this airport.

Here’s what people said online:

“I don’t blame them for trying to find a life elsewhere but it is a bummer to see so many young men fleeing and not fighting.”

“Where are the females and kids?!?!”

“anyone else wondering why it’s all healthy, strapping young men trying to escape?” 

“Is it all men? Are the women left behind?”

“Where are the women and children ?”

“Weird how not a single person can answer why this is all men and where the women and girls are are”

“Where are the women?? They are the ones who need to get out.”

“Honorable men here – all leaving their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters at home to be ravaged by the Taliban” 

“Where wil they be fleeing to? No one is carrying bags and all appear to be men?”

“They’re going to send all of them here to procreate with American women.” 

“All the men trying to get out!!”

Biden took his time to turn Afghanistan into a mess. This video makes us thing of the southern border. Thousands of untested migrants enter our country causing a huge mess.

When it comes to the border, we have one major question to ask. Where is Biden? He has yet to visit the border and find a solution to the uncontrolled surge of illegal aliens.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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