Watch: Elitist Oprah Steps In It Big Time, After Video Of Her Lavish Christmas Festivities Make The Rounds

Elitists follow different “rules”

I guess COVID only affects the working class. This virus can make a difference between the rich and poor. It stays away from elitists. Right?

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People are forced to wear masks and stay at home. Our kids wear masks at home. Well, Barack Obama threw a huge birthday party.

Oprah Winfrey threw a Christmas party.

Elitists didn’t wear any masks at the Oscars and The Grammys.

Winfrey took to her Instagram account to tell the world that she organized a huge Christmas bash. No masks! Oprah’s servants had to wear masks though…

We are tired of these people. They are free to live the way they want. Why? What’s wrong with the rest of the world?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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