(WATCH) Dr. Aaron Kheriaty Compares All-Cause Mortality Of J&J COVID-19 Shot To mRNA COVID-19 Jabs

The mainstream media didn’t say a word about it…

Pfizer’s 80,000-page data dump didn’t receive any coverage…

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This should be making the best headlines!

Tucker Carlson has something to say about this…

He interviewed Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, the Chief of Ethics at The Unity Project:

“We had to file this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), myself and some of my colleagues last September, just to get the Pfizer data,” Kheriaty said.

“Now we’re starting to get that data after many people have already taken the vaccine.”

The FDA decided to limit the use of Johnson & Johnson jabs, but Dr. Kheriaty couldn’t hide his surprise.

“If you look at overall safety issues, the J&J vaccine probably has the better overall safety profile,” he continued.

“It might have higher incidence of thrombosis, but there was another recent very important study on all-cause mortality.”

Dr. Kheriaty said that researchers compared all three jabs on all-cause mortality. The Johnson & Johnson jab showed a modest improvement in mortality rates, but Pfizer and Moderna showed zero improvement in all-cause mortality.

The doctor would like to see this level of scrutiny applied to each and every shot.

Find all Pfizer documents HERE.

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