WATCH: Disturbing Video Of NFL Star Player Threatening To “Kill” Somebody Online

The NFL better have an explanation for this one

We are dealing with a big mess. The NFL showed people that it’s filled up with anti-American brats. We have witnessed cases of domestic abuse, violence, excessive alcohol consumption, and reckless lifestyle. Now they have someone who threatens to kill people.

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Drunk Henry Ruggs was driving over 100 MPH when he hit a girl’s car. The vehicle burst into flames and the poor girl and her pup died. The Las Vegas Raiders let Ruggs go. He is dealing with serious charges right now.

This is not an isolated case.

There’s a video of Raiders first-round pick Damn Arnette threatening to kill somebody. He has weapons, too.

According to The Daily Caller, Arnette was featured in a shocking video and it went viral.

As you can see in this video, Arnette shows off his guns and threatens people over a DM exchange. He said, “I will kill you ni**a”.

NBS Sports reported that the video was first released Friday night.

Las Vegas is on fire and people are out of control. What about the Raiders? The franchise is home of many horrible people. Ruggs killed a woman and Arnette threatens to do the same.

We are living in a dangerous world… Will Las Vegas condemn this behavior?

Here’s what people said online:

“There’s was a time when football players had a college education.”

“I’m pretty sure a Raider got drunk and Killed a woman this past week. You may want to sit this one out.”

“this 2021 raiders season is a movie bro..”

“What the hell is going… oh wait, it’s Vegas”

“All I understood is kill you because he mumbled the rest. Either way he should be suspended”

“Only a matter of time before he’s doing time with Ruggs.”

The Raiders have yet to release a statement on this situation. They are only interested in talking about unvaccinated players. What about all the violent guys in their organization?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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