Watch: Dems Say Same Thing About Voting Machines Back in 2018 As Mike Lindell Says Today

Politicians are devious monsters..

Not just the Dems, but most politicians, except for a few good ones, are skilled manipulators, scheming and lying, corrupt, and wicked people.

They are total hypocrites who just play propaganda  “word games” all day long.

This video just proves it!

Back in 2018, the Dems were on a big rant over voting machines…and what they claimed then sounds EXACTLY like what Mike Lindell says today.

Yet, they were heroes back then when they said it, and Mike Lindell is an “insurrectionist traitor” who needs to be “canceled” when he does.

Watch the video below:

This is the raw power of the communist Democrat Party- no mercy to their enemies, no shame, no morals.

All they care about is victory, they don’t care if you call them a “hypocrite” or a liar.

On the other hand, we keep playing the “nice guy” and turn the other cheek…

This might be the explanation why we keep losing.



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