Watch: College Students Confused When They’re Shown Video Of Cubans Waving “Racist” U.S. Flags

The college students don’t know why Cubans would wave racist American flags…

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The U.S. has the dumbest college students on Earth. The radical leftists are those who infiltrated and control the colleges, thus making the children stupid.

These kids come from uber-wealthy families, but they live in a bubble, where communism is cool and capitalism is evil. The snot-nosed clueless children don’t know what’s going on in the world!

Once these U.S. college students saw the Cubans marching against communism in the streets and waving flags, they were confused.

Breitbart shared that the students in Washington DC didn’t know what they are seeing. They don’t believe that the American flag symbolizes freedom, flown by Cuban citizens against the communist government.

One student said that the Cuban anti-communists must fly the flag of Sweden.

On Sunday, 1000 Cubans flooded the streets to ask for an end to the 62-year-old communist regime.

They were chanting: “Down with the dictatorship,”
“We want liberty,” and waved the American flags.

Campus Reform’s Ophelia Jacobson visited the U.S. Capitol and asked the student about the event and their opinion.

Take a look at the video below:

If your children are in college, you have to consider a trade school. One friend of mine has a sister in college, and after a year, she was back and promoted ‘’climate change’, became a feminist questioning what America stood for.

But, she isn’t the same person, and she doesn’t talk the same or act the same.

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