WATCH: CNN IS Dying…..I Guess Even They Must Miss President Trump

They need him to survive

Donald Trump is a synonym of leadership, patriotism, brand marketing, public relations, and much more. He is the best president we have ever had and even haters know it.

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A lot of people depend on him, and his presence has helped outlets earn money. Those who reported on Trump made big cash even when their stories were packed with hate.

Recent reports reveal a different side of the story.

Those who reported on Trump are now “starving.”

According to these reports, CNN struggles to keep its ratings up. Viewers are no longer interested in their lame stories. Trump is gone and the ratings went down.

Fox News was the first to report this:

Fox News Channel was the most-watched cable news network in both total day and primetime viewers for the 14th straight week as scandal-plagued CNN struggles to remain relevant.

CNN’s left-wing media pundit Brian Stelter managed to set a yearly low yet again as viewers continue to ignore “Reliable Sources.” Stelter has delivered eight-straight telecasts that failed to draw one million viewers and the May 23 edition hit rock bottom when it averaged only 763,000 viewers for a 2021 low.

Stelter has found it difficult to attract viewers during the Biden era. The liberal pundit claims to “examine the story behind the story” but perhaps he should probe what happened to his audience as he hemorrhages viewers at an alarming rate. Fox News’ “MediaBuzz,” which is Stelter’s direct time slot competition, beat the CNN media show by a whopping 52 percent.

Vanity Fair offered an interesting take:

One of the stars forged in the crucible of peak cable news was Abby Phillip. She joined CNN from The Washington Post in 2017 and worked as a White House correspondent for most of the Trump presidency, doing the dirty work of shouting out inquiries at press gaggles and enduring the president’s bilious retorts. (“What a stupid question,” Trump sneered when Phillip asked if he wanted Robert Mueller reined in.) During the postelection period, Phillip was given a prominent role in the network’s prime-time specials. Night after night, she appeared alongside Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, a fresh young face of 32 offering sharp and measured analysis on the latest political havoc.

Then came a glowing New York Times profile. Then a promotion to a Sunday morning political show. Then, in March, a stylish photo shoot for The Cut, accompanying an interview in which Gayle King gushed, “I’m thrilled to be sitting here talking to you. I’m not kidding, I just adore you.”

Phillip is now one of the most prominent Black journalists on television. She’s someone who represents the next generation of cable news talent. She’s also someone who will be on the rise in the coming years as the number of people watching cable is expected to fall. She broke out during a moment when it was easy to get viewers fired up and excited, to keep them coming back for more. Only a few years earlier, CNN producers were pulling rabbits out of hats to figure out how to fill a whole day’s worth of air, wringing every last bit of drama from a marooned cruise ship or a missing Malaysian airliner.

“I don’t think the days of the missing airplane are coming back,” Phillip told me. “There’s still a lot of interest in politics. People are still watching political news, but now we have to give them more than just, what did Trump do today?” The hair-raising interregnum of November 2020 through January 2021 could very well go down as one of the most exhilarating times of Phillip’s career, but it wasn’t sustainable. “We can’t always be in this heightened state—of anxiety, fascination, amusement, whatever it is,” she said. “How do we make people feel like they understand better what’s going on in their country and not just be outraged by it all the time? That’s the post-Trump challenge.”

In terms of ratings, CNN would argue that its falloff looked dramatic because the network gained so much audience during Trump, and that no one expected all of those people to stick around long term. Privately, CNN president Jeff Zucker has acknowledged that Trump hurt CNN with Republicans, but he’s also said the only numbers he really cares about are the ones that advertisers care about, adults ages 25 to 54, and in that metric, CNN emerged from the Trump cycle basically neck and neck with Fox.

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