Watch Clif High Revealing The Three Routes for Trump’s Comeback!

The recent interview of Clif High with Greg Hunter was truly revealing in numerous ways, and now, we will focus on the probably most fascinating part.

Note that Clif is a data guy, and he ran a key department of Microsoft in the 1990s.

His specialty is to mine and analyze big chunks of data. Such investigations have made him very successful at predicting what is coming next in our world.

Now, let’s see how his latest data affects President Trump and his return.

When Hunter asked him what his data is showing for Trump’s return, he offered some pretty interesting answers.

First, he said that the data indicates with almost 100% certainty that Biden and the whole Biden Administration is OUT in 2021!

Next, his data also suggests three possibilities of how things may play out and he discusses each of those in the interview below ( towards the middle to end of the interview):

Keep reading if you want to learn more about his considerations about health and the vaccine:

And if you want more from Clif on health and the vaccine, keep reading….

Namely, many of those who have already taken the vax are now afraid and ask whether they are doomed.

A brand new interview between Greg Hunter and Clif High will provide some great direction to these people.

Note that Clif High is not a doctor, but anyone who knows him is sure that he is always right about numerous things, just because he runs massive data gathering bots that have proven over the years to be highly accurate.

For instance, back in 2018, he said that eventually, Bitcoin would rise to $64,000 and then stop. He said it would be the “64,000 dollar question” and then, it would drop by about half its value before heading back up again to $100,000.

Back then, Bitcoin was something like $3,000 and no one thought it would ever go over $20,000.

Well, last month, his prediction came true!

Bitcoin did EXACTLY what Clif said. It hit $64,000 and then stopped and then fell to $30,000.


This was just one of the multiple times when Clif was incredibly accurate in his predictions.

So, when he speaks, make sure you listen well!

Let’s get back to vaccines…When he went on Greg Hunter’s show, Greg asked him if there’s anything people can do to recover their health if they took the C-19 vaccine….

He confirmed it, adding that the “prescription” is actually quite simple.

One needs large doses of the right kind of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to maintain certain blood levels, and Clif recommends C60.

Watch the interview again (they discuss this in the first 10 minutes):

Numerous people praise the positive effects of C60 on their health, and here’s what some of them have reported:

You should know that C60 is a powerful antioxidant (172x the power of Vitamin C), antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Clif High, thanks for sharing such valuable information once more!



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