Watch: Bill Gates “Orgasms” When Anderson Cooper Suggests Taking Social Security Away from Unvaccinated

Bill Gates had his moment on a TV in his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Anderson said that older Americans should be refused Social Security if they aren’t vaccinated. This is illegal!

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Well, Bill Gates thinks that this is hilarious. When he heard the suggestion, he laughed and shivered with joy.

You must know that we report what has been said.

Take a look at this below.

The rational and ethical person must have gotten angry.

Info wars reported:

Liberal “fact-checkers” are in damage control mode after a months-old clip resurfaced showing Bill Gates sneering as CNN host Anderson Cooper discussed taking social security benefits from unvaccinated Americans.

In a clip re-circulating on social media from an August 4, 2021, CNN broadcast, Cooper asks Gates if the US should consider squeezing the unvaccinated with more restrictions, including

A perceptive Twitter commentator noted Gates appeared to be having a “full blown orgasm” as Cooper discussed the authoritarian restrictions.

“Social Security, you need to be vaccinated if you want to get whatever, whatever benefits they give, you need to be vaccinated,” Cooper tells Gates.

Meanwhile, the former Microsoft CEO appears barely able to contain his glee.

However, regardless of what we see and hear, the media tried to say that this event never occurred. The fact-checkers, left-wing supporters, are now out in full force.

The video is straightforward.

Reuters reported:

Social media claims that CNN host Anderson Cooper wants to deny unvaccinated individuals social security benefits are false. Portions of an August 4, 2021, CNN interview with American businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates have been misrepresented online.

One tweet, reads, “Anderson Cooper wants to have Social Security to be withheld from the unvaccinated. This is what happens when your misery wants company.”

A post on Facebook reads, “CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Bill Gates agree that government should withhold Social Security checks from unvaccinated people. Do you think this is extreme?”

Another tweet, reads, “Anderson Cooper floating the idea of withholding SS from the unvaxxed. Hope you enjoy what you voted for commies.”

Some posts use clips from the August 4, 2021 taping of Cooper’s CNN show, Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees (published online on August 5, 2021). In the episode Bill Gates discussed his divorce from Melinda Gates, the pandemic, and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

With so much disinformation, people can’t hear the truth! They can’t hear what Trump says.

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