WATCH: Bill De Blasio Suggests Families Will Be Separated Over Experimental COVID-19 Vaccination Status

The New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio shared that New York will become a Medical Fascist State! COVID-19 Vaccine Passports enforcement for indoor activities will begin in September. Everyone will be banned if they don’t participate in the Big Pharma experiment.

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On Wednesday, De Blasio spoke about NYC Nazism.

De Blasio spoke about 5-11-year-olds getting the vaccine with the shots. He shared that he doesn’t want to separate families.

Watch below:

It has to be a football field size red flag for every single New Yorker. If your kids are still unvaccinated, don’t let them get it.

Don’t forget what happened to Vietnam, and it could easily happen to us.

De Blasio doesn’t bother if they have to separate children from their families.


The New York Post reported:

New York City’s upcoming ban on indoor dining for unvaccinated people does not include kids under 12, who are currently too young to be jabbed, Mayor Bill de Blasio clarified Tuesday.

The mayor said that will be one exception to his mandate, announced Tuesday, that all patrons of bars, eateries, gyms and movie theaters must show proof of vaccination to enter starting next month.

“If you’re going out with your whole family and your kids are not yet vaccination age, of course they can come along,” de Blasio said during his daily press briefing.

Coronavirus vaccines have not yet been authorized for children under 12 years old, which left an open question after de Blasio’s initial announcement of whether or not young kids would be allowed inside restaurants and other venues.

On Wednesday, the mayor said that children will be able to join their parents for movies and indoor dining if they wear a mask when not eating.

“We welcome kids, of course, to restaurants and movie theaters, etc. Wear a mask, that’s a smart thing to do,” he said on CBS Wednesday morning. “And hopefully sooner, five to-11-year-olds will be eligible for vaccination on top of that, but we don’t want to separate families, we want families to enjoy stuff together.”

De Blasio previously said the policy — aimed at encouraging vaccinations and curbing the spread of COVID-19’s Delta variant — will be finalized the week of Aug. 13, when the trial period for the “Key to NYC” system will begin ahead of enforcement of the rule beginning in September.

The protests are scheduled for Monday, August 9, at City Hall in lower Manhattan.

We will see. Maybe our freedom is coming.

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