Watch Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Sec: I’m Here To Improve Americans’ Mental Well-Being

Wrong at so many levels…

Joe Biden thought it would be wise to task an obese man who considers him a woman to take care of the mental and physical health of Americans.

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This is wrong at so many levels. Why would we trust someone who struggled with their own mental and physical issues?

In a video from March 26, US Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine committed to promoting physical and mental health in the US. The video went viral after it was shared by talk show host Chris Stigall. Yes, the man who identifies as a woman promised to take care of us all.

“Throughout my career, I have focused on the intersection between medical, mental and behavioral health,” Levine said. “And as your ASH, I will continue that focus and support policy initiatives to improve Americans’ physical and mental well-being.”

They tried to water down “gender identity disorder” into “gender dysphoria” to “protect” everyone’s feelings. Transgenderism is a mental health crisis in those who pursue it.

Here’s another fact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says obesity increases the risk of all natural causes of death.

Why would you take health advice for a man who struggles with obesity?

Biden didn’t appoint Levine to protect the health of American people. It was never about Levine’s qualifications. It was more about Biden’s dedication to proliferate transgender ideology by all means. They redefined the legal definition of sex and included whatever so-called identity a person calls themselves at the moment.

Let’s discuss priorities. Biden’s Proclamation on Pride Month was longer than the Proclamation on Memorial Day. Biden keeps talking that he believes the country should expand and normalize trans experimentation on minors.

We didn’t bite into Levine’s statement on mental health. We won’t listen to “her advice.” Why? We don’t trust those who can’t find a solution to their own issues.

Levine says “she” wants to help Americans all while lacking the personal fortitude to help “herself.”

Will someone help “her”?

Americans can no longer sit around and wait for Levine to return to mental and physical health. We need a stronger person to lead us through a crisis.

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Source: The Western Journal

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