WATCH: Biden REFUSES To Take Questions About Economy After Killing Thousands Of Jobs

After financially destroying thousands of families, Biden refuses to take questions about economy. 

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When someone has control over your finances, he is in control of you.

This is probably President Biden’s stance, as he is a proved killed of American jobs, leaving so many people on the verge of poverty.

The first thing he ordered once he was installed in the White House on January 20th, was to assault the oil and pipeline industry, and thus put thousands of Americans out of work!

That’s an estimated 52,100 American jobs!

What’s more, he was so arrogant that he even refused to take questions earlier today after giving a short “speech” on the economy!

He has no right to speak about “transparency” anymore!

Watch the video below:

One thing’s for sure, if this was President Trump, he would have been held accountable!

However, Biden simply walked away and ignored reporters, who evidently gave him a free pass!

As days go by, we all know what to expect during Biden’s presidency- he will never be held accountable, and he will never put his nation’s interests before his.

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Source: www.thegatewaypundit.com

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