(WATCH) Biden, “I’d Like You To Come Home with Me!” To Young Girl At COVID-19 Jab Clinic

The Bidens visited one local COVID-19 vaccination clinic, hosted by DC’s Department of Health, where they promoted the COVID-19 experimental shots for kids under 5.

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Biden’s handlers couldn’t stop him from keeping his hands off children. So, the President of the US picked up a 4-year-old girl with pigtails and represented himself as a creep.

‘’How old are you?’’ Biden asked. The girl answered, 4. So, the old guy said, “I’d like you to come home with me!”



The kids suffer there.

The parents muzzle their kids with suffocating masks, with many detrimental physiological and psychological health effects. Later, they allow these toxic materials from the shot to be injected into their kids, being aware of the possible risks of severe side effects.

Children aren’t exposed to the risk of serious C-19 complications.

Jack Posobiec reported:

Daily Mail covered this story:

President Joe Biden on Tuesday took selfies with toddlers getting their first covid shot and comforted a crying little boy named Joseph when he and Jill visited a vaccine center in Washington D.C.

The first couple’s visit came as nearly all Americans can now get vaccinated after the FDA and CDC approved shots for those six months and above.

‘We’re the only country in the world doing this right now,’ Biden said.  ‘This is a great day for you all. Thanks for the example you are setting.’

He also spoke of his youngest grandson, Beau, aged two, being newly eligible for vaccination.

‘We got to get the two year old vaccinated,’ he said.

And he joked about how he was having a good time during his visit: ‘Everybody knows I like kids better than people.’

The president dispensed hugs as he was surrounded by toddlers. He carried a few of them around as he and the first lady chatted with parents and kids alike. One little boy kept pulling at the president’s face mask as Biden toted him throughout the room.

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