WATCH: As Austrians Get Locked Into Their Homes, The Elites Come Out To Play

The rules are for the average person, not for the elites.  Masks, lockdowns, and travel restrictions are all over Austria, and those who don’t obey these rules are fined with tremendous figures. But, this isn’t the same for the elites.

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I don’t know how long the average population will bear and tolerate this behavior.

After 20 months of politicians breaking their own rules, people from the middle and lower classes can’t tolerate this anymore.

This would be the hypocrisy that breaks the C-19 camel’s back for Austrians. After their short lockdown for the unvaccinated population, the Austrian regime had harsh restrictions for the entire country.

You can’t expect this lockdown to be in effect for the Austrian politicians who create the rules. They aren’t locked in their homes, but they live their best lives without a mask.

Check this out:

That is how the Austrian elitist class functions. Everyone has to understand that it wasn’t about the virus! reported:

Austria’s elite are in a party mood at a fundraising event, while the country remains in lockdown. Now there is criticism from the population.

Austria’s politicians gave a lot of gas on the party floor.

  • A video of politicians celebrating, who seem to be enjoying themselves at a donation gala, is circulating on Austria’s social media.
  • This is causing a stir on social media.
  • While the Austrians sit in lockdown, the political top party, so the tenor.

Politicians celebrated a party

In the end, the politicians gave the party floor a lot of gas. With the hit “Live is Life”, Schallenberg and Co. actually celebrated life – and the success of 3.2 million euros for Austrians in need. The political grandees clapped their hands close together – without FFP2 masks – bobbing to the beat. Some even sang along with a few lines of text, as reported in the newspaper “Heute”.

Lockdown users get annoyed

This is exactly what is causing discrepancies on social networks. There, the good mood blows some users on the mind. While the Austrians sit in lockdown, the political top party, so the tenor. A Tiktok clip from the party has now been viewed 140,000 times and sent thousands of times on WhatsApp. Labor Minister Martin Kocher (VP) came under particularly strong criticism on Twitter because he filmed the show act with his smartphone during a phone break. “A large part of the federal government telephoned donors for over three hours as part of the ORF gala (2G +),” he said in defense.

Behind the government backdrops, the strict security precautions for the ORF event are emphasized. All people had been vaccinated and PCR tested (2G +) on the same day, and it was also a working appointment – the political grandsons were to be regarded as contributors to the program.

The vaccinated and unvaccinated population has to bond and defeat their common enemy, the elites.

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