WATCH: Are You Sitting Down? We’ve Got Actual RECENT Video Footage Of John Durham Working…

John Durham caught on cameras?!

Donald Trump questioned Durham’s existence. Many believe this man doesn’t exist.

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There are just few photos of this man. Is this a conspiracy?

Guess what… There’s a new video of Durham walking into a building…

It went viral for obvious reasons…

“Harbinger of Justice or Deep State Pawn?”

“OMG, John Durham in the flesh. Spread the word!”

“It’s bigfoot!!!”

“Holy crap this guy is real!!!” 

“Actual video of Durham today. He exists lol”

“finally! We get to see John Durham is a real person!!”

“It only took 6 years for this moment.”

“Yo @GettyImages– if you get your cameras down there you may be able to snap your very first photo of the special counselor investigating the political crime of the century.”

“Holy crap he is a living, breathing human being and not just a single picture”

“The Yeti of DC”

“Maybe now crazy people will stop replying to me that John Durham isn’t real because there’s no videos of him”

What do you think about this?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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