WATCH: An Update On Ron Watkins A.K.A. CodeMonkeyZ At The Cyber-Symposium

The biggest update ever

Ron Watkins’ attorney has something to say and it’s related to the files which were reported as “stolen.” According to the attorney, these files are in the possession of him and Watkins.

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There’s nothing wrong with the hard disks and they offer some really shocking evidence as suggested by Watkins’ legal team.

What’s next on the table?

Watkins made a shocking revelation and this update will blow your mind.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

We can CONFIRM that the hard disks were NOT STOLEN from Mesa County Colorado. Our source says the hard drives were never removed from the County Clerk’s Office. Copies of the hard drives were released. There were NO stolen hard drives.

We spoke with Attorney Clevenger and he confirmed the files were not stolen and are VERY DEVASTATING for Dominion Voting Systems

Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium was the most eye-opening event we have seen lately. The situation escalated in the last few days, and Democrats look tougher than ever. Well, they want us to believe that they are tough.

They are really rotten down there. Their party is turning into a big mess. Nancy Pelosi will soon leave the position. But, Democrats have already found a replacement.

Lindell and his buddies are here to expose Democrats for everything they did. Dems stole the election and Lindell is here to expose them.

We need more events of this kind. We need people like Lindell to come out and speak the truth. We have been hearing lies for months. It’s time to do the right thing and listen to decent patriots. Decent Americans need to see Donald Trump in the White House. Maybe he will return before it’s too late.

When it comes to Lindell, the man struggled to keep his business alive. Democrats did their best to destroy it. They couldn’t do a thing. Donald Trump’s supporters helped him stay afloat.

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