WATCH: An Update From Sidney Powell!

Sidney Powell remained silent for quite a time…

We thought she’d been censored, or her fight for truth has left The Kraken in the darkest hour!

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She’s fighting against the Dominion lawsuit at the moment and told that the Americans deserve the truth about the 2020 fraud.

The time will show if she succeeded in dismissing the lawsuit; however, sooner or later, the truth will surface.
One judge permitted MyPillow’s lawsuit against Dominion to move on, so we hope that there is a chance for a win for both of them.

Below you can read more from Sidney:

Reuters shared an update on the sanctions hearing:

“Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, and other attorneys facing potential sanctions for their roles in trying to overturn Michigan’s 2020 electoral results in favor of former president Donald Trump have turned to a pair of attorney grievance and ethics specialists from a local Michigan law firm.

Donald Campbell and Patrick McGlinn, attorneys at Southfield, Michigan-based Collins Einhorn Farrell PC, filed notices of appearance on Wednesday in Detroit federal court on behalf of lawyers Powell, Wood, Scott Hagerstrom, Julia Haller, Brandon Johnson, Gregory Rohl, and Howard Kleinhendler.

The filings say Campbell and McGlinn were hired in response to a June 17 order by U.S. District Judge Linda Parker mandating that every attorney whose names were on pleadings in the election challenge lawsuit must appear at a July 13 hearing over whether they should be sanctioned.”

OAN also covered this story:

“Powell stressed the importance of the recent election audits and argued people deserve to have as much information and truth as possible.

The attorney also stated the audits were the most important for state lawmakers to understand by insisting state legislators “have the power to recall the electors for fraud.”

Powell said election fraud could destroy the legal validity of the 2020 election. Subsequently, state legislatures would have to decertify 2020 results, which would subtract electoral college votes from Joe Biden.”

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