WATCH: An Update From Attorney Matt DePerno: “We Discovered The Actual Fraud”

Antrim County 2020 Election fraud – discovered, and attorney Matt DePerno shared the mechanism by which it happened.  Attorney Matt DePerno never quitted!

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He continues to share exciting discoveries in his segment on Bannon’s War Room. The lawyer emphasized a complex vote shifting scheme where the votes are exchanged between candidates and partitioned into a separate secret section of the database.

Maybe this information isn’t new, but DePerno wants to point out how badly and why we need forensic analysis.

He emphasized that we need forensic audits, not recounting of the ballots. These two things are very different.

Of course, we will share more information about the Antrim County and Arizona audits as soon as they come in.

9 & 10 News covered this story with more details.

Bill Bailey is suing the county over the November 2020 election results and is asking to conduct his own audit of those results. The case has gained national attention for its allegations of fraud and the implications of impacting the presidential election. Traditionally a Republican area, Antrim County results initially showed Joe Biden winning the race. But the clerk admitted the human error, and the results for the county were corrected, swaying to Donald Trump.

But Bailey actually filed suit concerned with a Central Lake village marijuana proposal – because three ballots were spoiled after they were damaged in a close recount.

Bailey’s attorney Matthew DePerno filed for additional discovery in the case, asking to subpoena the county’s townships.

Peter Wendling is the Attorney for Central Lake Township, who argues the townships should not be subject to subpoenas.

Also, the Washington Examiner posted some updates on the Antrim County Audit.

Matthew DePerno, who represents Antrim County resident William Bailey, said a recount in December tallied 15,962 ballots. Still, only 14,901 votes were shown in the Michigan secretary of state’s database, meaning 1,061 don’t exist on voter rolls.

This alleged discovery of “phantom ballots,” DePerno wrote in a recent filing, supports the need for an audit of the county results. Other irregularities that warrant a closer look, according to DePerno, are data showing a near 100% turnout among voters aged 65 to 80 and 1 in 5 ballots being sent to P.O. boxes.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the Michigan secretary of state’s office for comment on where the data for the “phantom ballots” can be found but did not receive a response.

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