WATCH: A Shocking Turnout For Juan Williams In Fox News

He is gone

Juan Williams had the courage to leave Fox News. Well, he had to go. No one likes him. Viewers were disturbed by his awkward takes. His attitude was horrible.

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Williams did his best to justify Joe Biden and his actions. He took part in every cover-up. Now is the perfect time to leave. Fox News would have fired him anyway.

Viewers won’t remember Williams as the “grand reporter” who had real facts in his hands. He was a fake reporter who was part of the far-left machinery.

Williams became part of the Fox News family in 2017. He was a fill-in for Bob Beckel. The platform fired Beckel following his racist remarks on a black IT worker.

Here’s his announcement:

CNN reported on Williams’ departure from Fox News:

“It is rare to see a cable news host like Williams voluntarily leave a hosting job, but Williams is a unique case. He is a rare Democratic commentator in a sea of Republicans. He is not a favorite of the Fox base, to put it mildly.

On Twitter and other social platforms, conservative viewers cheered Williams’ departure and said the show would be much improved without him.

His exit comes at a time when Fox has tamped down on dissenting views by reducing the prominence of Democratic-leaning voices on the air.”

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Source: The True Defender

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