WATCH: 6 Times President Biden Made Americans Cringe with Awkward Statements

Democrats pushed Joe Biden as their candidate despite his mental decline

Biden became a president with the only goal to help people. Well, that’s what he said during his rallies.

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You have probably noticed that Biden hasn’t had a press briefing. He also avoids the State of the Union Address. The list doesn’t end here.

Here are the six worst moments of Biden’s awkward attitude:

On Monday, the US President forgot the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. He also forgot the name of the Pentagon while announcing that the two ladies will become four-star generals.

“I just want to thank you both, and I want to thank the Sec — the, the, uh, former general, I keep calling him general — my, my, uh, the guy who runs that outfit over there. Uh, uh, I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he’s done…”

This is your President. Is this why Nancy wants to take away his nuke power?

Do you know that Biden asks permission to take questions?

“I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance,” he said. “Whatever you want me to do.”

Biden disappeared right after the White House logo appeared.

The President flew all the way to Texas to see the consequences of the disaster. Well, it took two weeks for him to go to Texas.

“Representatives, uh, Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Panneli, uh, excuse me,” Biden said. “Pannell, and uh, what am I doing here?” he said.

This happened days after the Syria bombing.

His COVID statement? Shocking. Confusing.

“The only way to spare more pain and more loss, the only way… *extremely awkward pause*… these millstones no longer mark our national mourning—these milestones, I should say—no… no longer moke…m-m-m-mark our national mourning.”

In the final stages of his presidential campaign, Biden gave us these long stares and awkward statements.

“Environmental justice so we can turn a faucet on and drink … water. Breathe clean air… *very long pause*… I’m sorry. I’m about to end, but lil … lil ya know… we have to live so… I mean we have to just give people a chance!”

81 people voted for this person.

The “environmental justice” thing?

“The brunt falls disproportionately on communities of color, exacerbating the need for environmental, environmental justice — sorry, that’s a bug — speaking of the environment.”

Biden’s presidency is nothing but a big failure.

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