WATCH: 2017 Study Discusses Controlling Graphene With Sound Waves; A Potential Cause Of Astroworld?

The event that took place at Travis Scott Astroworld festival shocked the planet. So many young concertgoers fall to cardiac episodes so fast…

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The MSM story says that the compact crowd caused a panic and a frenetic push towards the stage. So many people created congestion, so the people couldn’t breathe, and fell on the ground, trampled by others.

We want to share other potential reasons for cardiac arrest.

Maybe the wave of heart attacks was caused by graphene oxide in the people who got the shots?

All the attendees have to show a negative test or vaccination proof.

Many research teams investigated the coronavirus vials and found graphene oxide. Spanish scientists LaQuinta

Columna discovered graphene oxide in the vaccines Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and J&J.

Find the full technical report here on detecting the graphene in C-19 shots.

One American scientific group led by Dr. Robert Young stated that this ingredient was present in their findings.

La Quinta Columna’s team found out what happened at the Astroworld; they immediately came up with a hypothesis.

They think that the sound waves stimulated the graphene oxide in the bodies of the vaccinated people.

Take a look at the video below:

Orwell City reported:

In a recent theoretical work carried out together with Maurice Oliva-Leyva, from the Materials Research Institute of the UNAM, we have analyzed the effect of sound waves on the electronic behavior of graphene. Our results, published in the Journal of Physics, suggest the possibility of using mechanical deformations to calibrate the electrons of the material. That is, to generate a beam that propagates in a given direction. The finding represents a first step toward the manipulation of electrons and graphene by sound waves and opens the door to several applications.

Here it is. That is, electrons in graphene can be manipulated by sound waves.

Dr. Sevillano: That’s it. The moment you can vary the molecular configuration of a molecule of this material through sound waves means that graphene also absorbs the energy that comes through sound waves. My friend, you know how it can be excited in front of a loudspeaker, for example. It can be excited there. That’s where it can. You have it there.

What do you think about manipulating electrons in graphene with the help of sound waves?

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