Watch: 12-Second Video Of A Black Hispanic Virginia Voter Is Probably Dems Worst Nightmare

Democrats will need time to recover

Joe Biden’s friends are still trying to cope with the unexpected loss in Virginia. They had disappointing numbers in many states. Just take a look at their faces. They play all nice and laugh all the time. Truth is, they are hurt deep inside. Some of them would even say they won Virginia.

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They even tweet things like this:

Will this make things easier for them?

We’d like to make things clear. The political climate is a lot different these days. Democrats won’t even admit it. Our country is divided and people are fighting over politics. Dems can’t even compare this to the days of Reagan. The electorate is different, too. Democrats are losers. They are just trying to save their pride.  They should wave goodbye to the world of elitists. Oh, they are just giving us an opportunity to mock them. It seems like they enjoy this public humiliation.

Let’s add salt to their injury.

There’s a video of a Black Hispanic man from Virginia. He explained how Joe Biden and Democrats pushed him towards Republicans.

Enjoy this one!

Democrats are probably hiding somewhere. This man is not the only one.  Democrats are seeing the consequences of their destructive policies. May this be a message to all self-centered guys who think they own the world.

We don’t want “Green New Buildings” or solar panels. We need low gas prices and heating costs.

The situation doesn’t look good for Democrats. They will lose the final drop of their dominance. We can’t wait for this to happen. They were asking for this. Americans are hungry and frustrated. Millions of people ended up in the streets. Let’s shut this party of elites for good!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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