Was There A 40,000 Vote Dump To Flip New Jersey’s Largest County From Red To Blue?

Did it flip?

The gubernatorial election in Virginia put Democrats on fire. Well, the situation in New Jersey doesn’t look good at all.

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Will Phil Murphy win the race in the Garden State? Will we witness another voter fraud? Let’s not forget that Joe Biden and his Democrat friends stole the election last November.

Bergen County is the most populated county in the state. There was a mysterious vote dump early this morning and Americans can’t stop talking about it.

At midnight, the county reported 219,894 votes and had Jack Ciattarelli ahead 52% to 47% at 100% reporting.

The vote tally jumped to 261,528 this morning. Murphy started celebrating his “win.”

Why? What about the 100% reporting at midnight?

Democrats mentioned something like “mail in ballots” to excuse those 40,000 votes.

It’s time to start off an audit in New Jersey! We are fed up with these frauds!

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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