Was Kevin Clinesmith Marker No. 1?

While the MSM is doing everything they can to discredit Trump supports and smear Q supporters, I think we should continue to focus on the facts.

Sound good?

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Dave from X22 Report just released another excellent video where he suggests that Kevin Clinesmith was Marker No. 1…which basically means the first signal that everything is about to break loose.

Who is Kevin Clinesmith?

He is the CIA agent who knowingly altered documents so they could get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign and Trump Administration.

In other words….HIGHLY illegal.

And he was just sentenced this week.

Dave breaks down why Q had warned of this all along and said it would be the First Marker.

And right after the Super Bowl and the start of the impeachment is set to (likely) be the time everything starts breaking loose.

So….to everyone who feels like “it’s over”, like “Trump lost”, like we should just move on, I highly encourage you to watch this.

I’m becoming a big fan of Dave’s work recently, and I think you’ll like this as well.

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Please enjoy:

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