WARNING: “If You Let Them Lock You Down Again, They’ll Starve You To Death

‘’Powers That Should Not Be’’ are expecting the new lockdown!

We don’t know if they will blame the Delta variant or other, or maybe it would be a ‘’fall resurgence’’, however, one thing is for sure, they want another lockdown ASAP!

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Why is this so?

Well, it’s because they haven’t finished their job! They, ‘’Powers That Should Not Be’’ aren’t very clever, so they fail to execute plans very well.

For example, with the coronavirus pandemic, their plan went wrong in numerous ways. They wanted a more massive impact than it actually had!

Also, they wanted many more people to get vaccinated than the actual number. Now, the number of vaccinated people is way below their expectations. Basically, they were short in multiple metrics. Now, they want to try again!

Will we let them lock us down again? I won’t wear masks again, will you?

We won’t let any more people get brainwashed by this PLANDEMIC!

Take a look at the video on Rumble, and you will understand everything.

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