Warning: DON’T TAKE THE VACCINE! – General McInerney

If you think that the coronavirus vaccine warnings are nothing but empty words. You must read this article.

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Below you will find a three-star general statement, where he will explain to you all that you have to know about the vaccines.

General McInerny is the person who made a fantastic and informative interview. There, we can hear some election fraud secrets, something about Trump’s comeback, the Democrat-China deal about launching the coronavirus, and other intriguing details.

The General said that the U.S situation hasn’t been more dangerous than it is right now! After this revelation, he started sharing his explanation about the trending vaccines.

He received the coronavirus vaccine, and then the General had a wild 180.

You must listen to his interview with full attention! Respect his warning!

Once you watched the video, you can read the top comments.

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