WARNING: A Coming Crisis Of Faith: Are You Ready? [From Noah]

Crisis of Faith 

Previously Cliff High shared something fascinating, and we have to share it with you! It’s called “Crisis of faith”! He’s very right!

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Initially, Cliff High doesn’t come from a Christian worldview, and in the latest video, he speaks about how he is “Cathari,” something we haven’t heard before. However, he’s endlessly fascinating, and his research is unparalleled.

The Bible doesn’t teach us not to interact with people of other faiths. When Paul was in Athens, Greece, in the Book of Acts, he found a pagan culture made up of multiple gods. He engaged with them and shared the truth with them.

From Acts 17:23:” For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.”

I reject the people who say that we shouldn’t engage with Cliff!

In the past few years, he has had many things written in his ALTA Reports that sound absurd to many, and they have happened now.

He predicted the fall of the US dollar and the fall of the Federal Reserve, which we’re witnessing happen.

Through his data mining work, Cliff also predicted that something would deceive the people, and in the Bible, this event is called the Great Deception.

It’s the discovery that aliens are here among us!

Even Ronald Regan talked about the alien invasion.

Genesis 6:4 says that “Sons of God came and had children with the Daughters of Men, and they became Giant.”

The Fallen angels, the women, produced children, and as you can imagine, the hybrid beings were GIANT.

The fallen angels are called sons of God in the Bible, but in the Book of Enoch, they are called The Watchers, and in Sumerian Tablets, they are the Anunaki.

The Old Testament speaks about the races of the Giants, the Anakim, the Rephaim, and others.

These things create confusion among the people when reading the Bible. They think God orders Israel to kill everyone in one of these giant tribes. It seems like genocide. But, that was the corrupted DNA chain.

They were Nephalim, and they hated humanity. These were doing everything in their power to kill and wipe out humanity!

Don’t think that the Bible is irrelevant!

Hear Cliff High and his warning :

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