Voter Fraud Discovered In Florida, Three Individuals Charged

They got arrested

Jay Ketcik, 63, Joan Halstead, 72, and John Rider, 61 are charged with third-degree felonies. All three residents of “The Villages” were arrested after it was confirmed that they had casted more than one ballot in an election.

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About 130,000 people live in this community, and these three were part of the big family. President Donald Trump had a rally in the community in 2020. The maximum prison sentence for each charge is five years.

The New York Times reported that the disputed votes had had no effect on the presidential election. Trump won the state by more than 50% with a huge margin from voters in The Villages. In October 2020, ABC News reported that Joe Biden had great supporters in the community.

Trump didn’t win the election but he knew that Biden stole it. The mainstream media didn’t pay attention to the comments he made.

Courts didn’t rule in favor of Trump but no one said he lost on the merits of the situation. Cases were tossed without any trial.

Election officials say they haven’t found any evidence of voter fraud and irregularities.

The Conservative Brief reported that Lake County exposed six possible cases of fraud.

Osceola County has seven votes that rang the alarm.

“You commit fraud in the state of Florida, and we will do everything possible to catch and charge you,” Florida Supervisors of Elections’ Association President Wesley Wilcox said, according to the Conservative Brief. “One of the benefits of charging these people is it’s a deterrent. It may take me a year to catch you, but I will catch you.”

Investigation revealed Halstead and Rider did cast second ballots in NY through absentee ballots despite the fact that they voted in Florida. Ketcik is accused of sending ballots to Florida and Michigan.

Sumter County Supervisor of Elections Bill Keen launched an investigation into allegations of voter fraud committed by three retirement village residents.

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