Viral Video Of A Gigantic Shark That Terrifies People On This Boat

One TikTok video of a massive shark went viral.

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One squad on a boat observed an unbelievably giant shark in the sea, and from the video shared by @.alex.albrecht, we can see that they are very disturbed.

The shark got close to the ship, and some members shouted, ‘’holy f**k.’’ You can see the fantastic video below.


Sailed six weeks in the atlantic saw this big fucking shark

♬ original sound – Alex Albrecht


I couldn’t understand people who don’t like the ocean, but once I saw the video, I think I understand them, somehow.

It is crazy that people are in the sea with that creature.

I love animals, but if that kind of creature gets close to my boat, I’m ordering depth charges to be dropped.

Sorry, but If I have to choose, I am on the top of my list.

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