Violent Traffic Stop Of Military Officer Brings Out Social Media Anger!

Everyday horror

We couldn’t believe this. A Black Army officer got involved in a violent incident at St. Caron Nazario. He is suing the police now.

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Windsor officers approached Lt. Nazario with their weapons “down.” They told him to get out of the car. However, he told them that he is afraid to move.

He didn’t want to reach down and unbuckle his seat belt. Pepper spray was used.

We are often advised to drive slowly if we are required to pull over until we get to a light area.

The Lt. ended up at the gas station as he was driving for two minutes after the request to pull over.

Regular police officers turn on the lights and follow individuals before proceeding to ask questions. There’s no need to use weapons.

Nazario is suing the police and here are some of the videos posted on Twitter.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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