[VIDEO]Timothy Dixon: 3 Giant Tornadoes In Atlanta And Massive Arrests Start In AZ And GA!

We report, but you decide.

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Timothy Dixon is a truck driver from the south, and he is sharing prophetic dreams and vision with which God awarded him.

We love sharing these things before they happen, not after they happen.

So, let’s this information, and we’ll wait.

It would be best to hear the whole video because we cannot summarize everything. The only thing you can skip is the first half, where it starts.

Start to listen carefully from where he says three whirlwinds will happen in Atlanta, actual tornadoes, not a spiritual.

Hear what he has to say, and wait to see if he is telling the truth.

Also, Timothy predicts that massive arrests will happen that would result in lifetime sentences!

You must see the video below:

As the prophet says, you need to look at the whole original video. Only then you will understand the first video.

So, we did the tough research for you. 

Watch this first, and once you finish, take a look at the previously posted one.

What do you think about this?

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