[VIDEO]”It Is Revisionism,” Says CNN Anchor Denying That Capitol Riot Was An Armed Insurrection!!!

John Berman declared on Tuesday that denying the fact that the Capitol riot was an armed insurrection represents a “revisionism.”

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On “New Day” for CNN, Berman said:

“It’s happening on opinion television! Tucker Carlson and his show fantasy island last night, questioning whether or not what we saw happen actually happened, saying that it wasn’t an armed insurrection, saying that it wasn’t white supremacists, there were no white supremacists involved with that,”

In an interview with Democratic Michigan Senator Gary Peters, Berman asked how they dealt with revisionism and the dangers this thinking imposes?

Peters answered:

Well, it’s clearly dangerous. And it’s clearly outrageous. I lived it. There were a lot of folks who lived that were in the Capitol that day. We have folks who have died.” 

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Capitol Riot on January 6

Crowded people entered the Capitol building on January 6. It was just a protest that turned out to be a violent riot in a blink of an eye. The cause of the disastrous riot was the presidential election results.

On Tuesday, the Senate appointed the bipartisan hearings over the security measures, which were unproductive.
The hearings will consist of two Senate committees. And lawmakers will interview officials responsible for the Capitol’s security.

Regarding the information from the arrested people and videos, we can conclude that extremist groups had the leading role in the violence.

Peters ended his speech with these words:

“This is a real threat. We have to address it with the seriousness that it deserves. And putting out this false information undermines homeland security,”

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